Passing Days

Passing in Amersfoort

CatchUp and Circus Amersfoort collaborate to organise a pass juggling day every few months. About 40 jugglers from across the Netherlands come together to do passing workshops and train together. We try to hold workshops at a range of levels and cover as many different passing patterns as possible. Contact us to join the mailing list.

Upcoming Events

Right now there is no passing day planned

Date: 4th February 2024

Time: 11:00-17:00

Location: Circus Amersfoort, Soesterweg 314b, Amersfoort

Cost: €15

Registration is required – click here . Meals are provided. Bring your mattress and sleeping bag!

Passen met Pasen

Every Easter Circus Amersfoort hosts a two day passing event. This is a fun weekend filled with passing workshops, free training time, good food and games. Bring your own mattress and sleeping bag. A limited number of places are available so registration is essential!