Herfst Jongleer Weekend 2021

Photo credit: Piet van Steen

The Herfst Jongleer Weekend is an annual juggling convention held in Enschede!

Two hundred jugglers from the Netherlands and surrounding countries come together for a weekend of juggling excitement. Organised by CatchUp, the convention features a range of workshops and by default also a volleyclub tournament, a fight-night and a party.

Definite date: (24)-25-26 September 2021!

In 2021 the HJW is organized from (24)-25-26 September! The first juggling festival since a long time!

When: (24)-25-26 September 2021

Where: University of Twente Sports Centre, De Hems 20, Enschede, The Netherlands

On friday we meet at the Stall, Campuslaan 15, Enschede. This is close to the sports centre.

Times: Saturday 9:00 – Sunday 17:00 (Arrival Friday from 19:00)

Program: see below

Site map: click here but note: blockages Saturday / access Saturday / blockages Sunday.

Cost: see below

Registration: Pre-registration closed, see below for prices at door

Facebook: Herfst Jongleer Weekend

Provisional schedule

19:00 – Log cabins open
19:00 – Stall open
20:00 – Vestingbar open
23:59 – Vestingbar closed
2:00 – Stall closed

8:00-11:00 – Breakfast in Stall
9:00 – Gym open
9:00 – Camping open
14:00? – Volleyclub tournament
16:00? – Fight Night qualifications
18:00-20:00 – Dinner in Stall and sports canteen
20:00? – Passing workshop (or speed passing)
21:00? – Fight Night finals
22:00 – Stall open; Vestingbar also open from 20:00
23:00 – Gym closed
23:59 – Sports centre building and Vestingbar closed
2:00? – Stall closed

8:00-11:00 – Breakfast in Stall
9:00 – Gym open
15:00? – Juggling games?
16:30 – End of HJW, tidy up
17:00 – Gym clear
18:00 – Camping grounds and log cabins clear

Corona check and measures

A valid Corona QR check + ID proof is required upon arrival (from age of 12 years). You can use the CoronaCheck app or print a QR code. International visitors may use the European digital corona certificate (DCC) QR code. If you come from outside the EU then contact us beforehand.
If you are not (fully) vaccinated then we kindly ask you to re-test daily, this can be done through Testen voor Toegang or a self-test. Please note that in case of a self-test you do not receive a valid QR code, so you cannot enter the sports canteen and Vestingbar anymore but you keep access to gym and Stall.

Accommodation: You can choose between camping (only Saturday night) or log cabins (Friday night and/or Saturday night). No sleeping in cars/campervans! Nearest campervan place is Lonneker Es.

Food provided: dinner on Saturday night in Stall and sports canteen; breakfast on Saturday & Sunday morning in Stall. Please bring your own plate, bowl, mug & cutlery.


Toilets and showers are present at the sports centre, and also near the log cabins. There is a small supermarket and ATM on-site at the university. Parking is best done next to the Spiegel building because there are other sports events on Saturday and Sunday which block some roads and parking spaces. See blockages Saturday / access Saturday / blockages Sunday.

The Sports Centre is a 15 minute walk from Enschede Kennispark train station although it is easier to take a bus from Enschede Centraal.

The supermarket is open on Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday 8am-6pm and Sunday noon-5pm.

Ticket Prices

Pre-registration closed.

Full Weekend Friday-Sunday log cabins (2x breakfast, 1x dinner)6570
Half Weekend Saturday-Sunday log cabins (1x breakfast, 1x dinner)4550
Half Weekend Saturday-Sunday camping (1x breakfast, 1x dinner)3540
Single Day – Saturday (excl dinner)15
Single Day – Sunday10
Camping Saturday night (incl breakfast) (not possible on Friday night!)5
Log cabin – One Night (if available; incl breakfast)15
Dinner – Saturday (if available)10

To Bring

  • Valid QR corona check code
  • Proof of ID
  • Juggling equipment, games
  • In case of camping: Tent, mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, torch. In log cabins: bed linen or sleeping bag.
  • Plate, bowl, mug and cutlery
  • Clothes, toiletries, towel, phone charger