Herfst Jongleer Weekend 2022

Photo credit: Piet van Steen

The Herfst Jongleer Weekend is an annual juggling convention held in Enschede!

The ThEAme this year is CatchUp!

So you can expect a lot of tea and cozyness!

Two hundred jugglers from the Netherlands and surrounding countries come together for a weekend of juggling excitement. Organised by CatchUp, the convention features a range of workshops and by default also a volleyclub tournament, a fight-night and a party.

Definite date: 7-8-9 October 2022!

In 2022 the HJW is organized from 7-8-9 October! The first juggling festival since a long time!

When: 7-8-9 October 2022

Where: University of Twente Sports Centre, De Hems 20, Enschede, The Netherlands

Times: Friday 20:00 – Saturday 9:00 – Sunday 9:00 – 17:00

Program: see below

Site map: click here

Cost: see below

Registration: Pre-registration open until 03.10, see below for prices at door

Facebook: Herfst Jongleer Weekend


15:00 – (Log cabins and Stall open)
15:00 – (Camping open)
20:00 – Gym open
21:00 – Vestingbar open
23:59 – Gym closed
00:00 – Campfire
02:00 – Vestingbar closed
03:00 – Stall closed

8:00-11:00 – Breakfast in Stall
9:00 – Gym open
13:00 – Volleyclub tournament
16:00 – Fight Night qualifications
18:00-20:00 РDinner in Theatercafé (Vrijhof)
21:00 – Fight Night finals
21:00 – Vestingbar open
23:00 – Gym closed
23:59 – Sports canteen closed
02:00 – Vestingbar closed
03:00 – Stall closed

8:00-11:00 – Breakfast in Stall
9:00 – Gym open
15:00 – Juggling games
16:30 – End of HJW, tidy up
17:00 – Gym clear
18:00 – Camping grounds and log cabins clear


Not feeling well before going to the HJW? We kindly ask everyone to do a self-test. If this is positive, you can mention this to us and we will refund the paid money

Accommodation: You can choose between camping or log cabins (Friday night and/or Saturday night). No sleeping in cars/campervans! Nearest campervan place is Lonneker Es.

Food provided: dinner on Saturday night; breakfast on Saturday & Sunday morning. Please bring your own plate, bowl, mug & cutlery.


Toilets and showers are present at the sports centre, and also near the log cabins. There is a small supermarket and ATM on-site at the university. Parking can be done e.g. around the sports centre or next to the cabins.

The Sports Centre is a 15 minute walk from Enschede Kennispark train station although it is easier to take a bus from Enschede Centraal.

The supermarket is open on Friday 8am-7pm, Saturday 8am-6pm and Sunday noon-5pm.

Ticket Prices

Pre-registration closed.

Full Weekend Friday-Sunday log cabins (2x breakfast, 1x dinner)40
Full Weekend Friday-Sunday camping (2x breakfast, 1x dinner) 30
Half Weekend Saturday-Sunday log cabins (1x breakfast, 1x dinner)25
Half Weekend Saturday-Sunday camping (1x breakfast, 1x dinner)20
Single Day – Saturday (excl dinner)10
Single Day – Friday / Sunday5
Camping per night (incl breakfast) 5
Log cabin – One Night (if available; incl breakfast)
(Dinner – Saturday, only pre-registration)(10)

To Bring

  • Proof of ID
  • Juggling equipment, games
  • In case of camping: Tent, mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, torch.
  • In log cabins: bed linen or sleeping bag.
  • Plate, bowl, mug and cutlery
  • Clothes, toiletries, towel, phone charger


Contact : hjw@ejvcatchup.nl